Stay in Such a Place

Where one cannot find spiritual or holy men, a ruler, a river, rich people and a doctor, one should not stop there even for a single day. It means you should stay in such a place where you can find such people. By:

Respect Women

From: There are some natural traits of women. Men lack these traits. One should never underestimate a woman by having a look at her delicate and innocent looking face. She is more than that.She deserves respect from men. According to religious books of the Hindus, the capacity of women’s having food is double, shynessContinue reading “Respect Women”

Trust Carefully

In this world, without trusting others it is difficult to get our things done. We have to believe in someone or the other. We have to be careful while trusting others. Never trust a river as it can sweep you away, one should also not believe in armed men, animals having horns. And in theContinue reading “Trust Carefully”

Positivity Pays

Take elixir out of poison, pick up gold even out of dirty things, if you can get excellent knowledge even from a wicked person, you should acquire it and adopt a gem-girl even if she belongs to the ill natured family. Such ideas are expressed in Hindu books.


In our life, peace of mind is the most important aspect. Anger is a great obstacle against it. It destroys our enjoyment in life therefore we cannot help controlling it. When a person continues to think about a material or person, they develop an attachment to it. This attachment leads to desire or wish toContinue reading “CONTROL YOUR ANGER”


For how long we have to live on this earth that we do not know at all. No scientist till the date has been able to know this secret of God. When our life will be cut short, only He knows. Many people falsely think that they will survive on this earth for a longContinue reading “PERFORM DUTY AND REMEMBER THE ALMIGHTY”


यो ध्रुवाणि परित्यज्य अध्रुवं परिसेवते। ध्रुवाणि तस्य नश्यन्ति अध्रुवं नष्टमेव हि।। – Chanakya Niti People want to make a progress in their life but they may not have a look at those things that are at their disposal. They forget their present time and the things available at present, rather they have a day dreamContinue reading “GROW WITH YOUR PRESENT RESOURCES”


At good times, everybody can act before you as your own. You cannot know whether their behaviour towards you is genuine because you are, at that time, in the realm of great illusion. This illusion is removed only when you are surrounded by tough times. The person who is with you at the moment ofContinue reading “RECOGNISE WHO IS YOURS”

Our Body in The Form of Cloth only

According to Hinduism, our body is just like a coth we wear. Then who puts on this cloth as a body? The great and the most powerful soul which is extremely micro that we cannot even imagine, wears this body just like we wear clothes. When our clothes are torn, we wear other new ones.Continue reading “Our Body in The Form of Cloth only”


People want to live luxuriously in their life. They strive for fulfilling all their desires. They want to be near the situation and people according to their liking. When they come in contact with favourable situation and people, they feel happy otherwise they are depressed. What will happen if they become happy with the worldlyContinue reading “BETTER TO BEAR ODD SITUATION”

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