Stay in Such a Place

Where one cannot find spiritual or holy men, a ruler, a river, rich people and a doctor, one should not stop there even for a single day. It means you should stay in such a place where you can find such people. By:

Respect Women

From: There are some natural traits of women. Men lack these traits. One should never underestimate a woman by having a look at her delicate and innocent looking face. She is more than that.She deserves respect from men. According to religious books of the Hindus, the capacity of women’s having food is double, shynessContinue reading “Respect Women”

Trust Carefully

In this world, without trusting others it is difficult to get our things done. We have to believe in someone or the other. We have to be careful while trusting others. Never trust a river as it can sweep you away, one should also not believe in armed men, animals having horns. And in theContinue reading “Trust Carefully”

Marry in Similar Family Background

वरयेत कुलजां प्राज्ञो विरुपामपि कन्यकाम्। रूपशीलां न नीचस्थां विवाहः सदृशः कुले।।। -चाणक्य नीति (Chaanakya Neeti) A wise person who wants to be happy in his married life, should marry a girl from a similar family background with him. Even if a girl is not beautiful, but if she has a very good family background withContinue reading “Marry in Similar Family Background”

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