People want to live luxuriously in their life. They strive for fulfilling all their desires. They want to be near the situation and people according to their liking. When they come in contact with favourable situation and people, they feel happy otherwise they are depressed.

What will happen if they become happy with the worldly favourable situation? What is the harm? Then what if they are in distress and depression?

The truth is that no worldly pleasures last long. No doubt, they are short lived. One becomes habituated with that material but when it gets destroyed or goes missing, one feels sorrow double than the previous pleasure than they got through those materials, situation and people. So being attached with whatever worldly things is not advisable to us.

The five sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin want to combine with the outside world. In this process, one feels either sorrow or joy. As the eyes see beautiful things, a person becomes happy if not then he/she is just the opposite. So is the case with other remaining sense organs.

Happiness and sorrow produced by the combination of senses and outside world are always transient ; they come and go. Coldness, hotness, favourable-unfavorable situation, fortune and tragedy do appear and disappear. They do not actually have their existence. They were neither earlier nor will they stay later. Only for a short period, they appear to be existed but it is all false like we have dream during our sleep ; on waking up we face the reality very different from the one which we saw in the dream.

Whatever luxury people are having will be evaporated after some time;it will leave their company mercilessly. On the other hand even a big looking tragedy will not remain forever, it will also pass off. Therefore, we should never be disheartened when there are tough times. They make us brave and provide us with absolutely true lesson of life. Many people have turned their adversity into opportunity in this world. Instead of crying for spilt milk, we should tolerate the odds and be unattached with the world performing our selfless duties. True happiness always lies beyond worldly joys and sorrows.



Human beings by nature are the seekers of pleasure and happiness. Not only human beings, animals also want the same. Every endeavour of the mankind is dedicated to achieve enjoyment and happiness but a very few of them get a true happiness. Most of them are in illusion or ignorance. People think that they can be happy if they are loved by their dear ones. Some other people think that happiness can be purchased with lots of money. They have lots of never ending desires to be fulfilled but they fail to forget that wishes or desires can never be met but our needs are definitely fulfilled. This is the law of the Almighty or nature. We are unhappy only due to our wishes and desires. Nobody in this world can be happy without destroying their desires. If we want to acquire a true happiness, we should be without any desire. It is the primary cause of our sorrows. If you complete one wish, many other wishes are in queue, this process will keep on going until you stop thinking about your wishes. No wishes no sorrow; more wishes more restlessness and worry – this is the reality of our life. Our aim should be towards making our mind free of the rubbish of never ending desires and meditating on God in our loneliness and silence for eternal peace and bliss.



The great and sacred Hindu book The Shrimadbhagawad Geeta says that if human beings want to be happy permanently they should only do good actions without wishing to achieve its outcome or results.

Common people may question how it is possible for them to do any action without expectation to obtain results.

No doubt, it is possible to perform our duties without a wish for any reward. No action is without result. Sooner or later, we are sure to get our fair share decided by the Almighty God but human beings are restless that they begin indulging themselves in bad actions harmful to them and others in future.

Lord Krishna in the Shrimadbhagawad Geeta says that we have got the full right to carry out our good actions but we should not claim on their results because that is provided to us by the grace of God only. We should keep on performing our duties and responsibilities. In the right course of time, our hard work will surely bear good fruits.

If we do any action for our selfish benefits, we will never get our peace of mind. It will make us farther from our kind God who always loves us and inspires us for good actions but people often disobey Him.

For achieving permanent bliss, we should act for the welfare of the common beings without any ego; any pride. And we should always remember God. We should dedicate all good actions and their results to Him. We should not be attached to the materials which we get with our hard work. Materials are just means to survive ; they are not actually for our physical pleasure which lead us to great ignorance and it is the cause of our sorrow and suffering. They should never be our ultimate goal of life.

Living for storing materials will bind us in the chain of ignorance. We will be far away from the love of God. Good actions without any desire and surrendering all good actions to Him will ultimately get us to the Almighty and eternal peace.



People in this world want to be happy. They need to be successful to acquire happiness. There is no short cut way to win. One must invest time, hardwork and one’s patience in their endeavours. Why do people prove themselves failures? Some people never begin to perform actions. While some dream only. People are afraid of failures and obstacles. They don’t have confidence to face challenges. Some people start their work with a great courage but when they have to cope with hitches, they give up completely; they don’t even take a rest for some time and retry. We should keep in mind that we have to remove problems and difficulties in every work and should never stop working until we get to the top. One should have a sense of continuity or regularity and honesty. If we have a strong desire to be successful, only then we should start. We should concentrate on one job at a time. The concentration is a very important factor in this regard. Never try to cross a river by using two boats at a time. You can get what you want provided you accomplish your work with a good preparation and proper implementation.



We often hear people say “let bygones be bygone”. People often tend to ignore their past and present and just worry about future. As a result, their life becomes miserable and they are filled with dissatisfaction. Our life is connected to the past, present and future. We cannot just ignore any one of the above. Our life can be a burden to ourselves if we do otherwise. Everybody in this world wants to be a successful person and happy but they fail to understand the relationship among the past, present and future.

If we observe deeply, there is no existence of the past and future but this does not at all mean that there was no past and will not be any future. The present time in every second is becoming past and what we call future cannot be realised because that future becomes present.

Can we think about the answer to this question – which is the most powerful time i.e. past, present or future?

It may not be so easy to present one definte answer to this question.

We are the result of our past. In whatever condition we are i.e. good or bad, we are as individuals responsible for that not others like our near and dear ones and other people in our society.

We get what we did in the past. We cannot get more or less from what we did in the past. There is no discrimination in this regard. If we want to get a good result at present, we must do our actions honestly and wholeheartedly with hardwork and patience in the past. But we must practise them until we are successful.

When we make mistakes in the past, we must compensate for them at present. We have to suffer physically and mentally. We are at present in distress because we had certainly made mistakes in our past. There is a great positive point in our mistakes. Our mistakes can teach a great lesson to us. It can really become our guru in this regard. Some people learn greatly by their mistakes and they never repeat the same. But many people never learn a lesson through their mistakes. They tend to repeat them again and again and they keep on being unhappy.

Out of three divisions of time, probably, the present time looks very powerful out of the three mentioned before because the past once gone will never come and the future – we haven’t seen or even we cannot imagine about it what is in store for us.

The present time is a great tool for us to correct our past misdeeds and improve ourselves and do good things which are essential for our meaningful survival.

We must focus on present time because what we do at present, we will get the result of the action done at present in the days to come. If we respect the present time, we will certainly get our future illuminating.

Worrying about future is our foolishness because our present time will itself turn into our future. If we take care of the present time, the future time will automatically be taken care of. It is advisable to understand their mutual relationship.

The End


Everybody in this world wants to be successful and happy. For his/her whole life, they strive for earning money and try to fulfill their wishes. But when they fulfill one wish, many other wishes begin to get generated. They then become restless to fulfill those wishes and this will keep on going till they breathe their last. For this phenomenon only, are we born as human beings who are supreme compared to other animals?

It is true that we have to survive. In such a binding condition, we have to do some work or the other. If we do any work for our personal gain, we can never get peace of mind and a true or long lasting happiness. On the other hand, work done or duty performed for others’ good will certainly yield us a great satisfaction and peace of mind. But we should be able to surrender our performed duties to the Almighty, then only we will be living a good life.

The End

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