Marry in Similar Family Background

वरयेत कुलजां प्राज्ञो विरुपामपि कन्यकाम्। रूपशीलां न नीचस्थां विवाहः सदृशः कुले।।। -चाणक्य नीति (Chaanakya Neeti)

A wise person who wants to be happy in his married life, should marry a girl from a similar family background with him. Even if a girl is not beautiful, but if she has a very good family background with character, a person should happily marry the girl. A person should not marry a girl with a bad family background even if the girl is beautiful.

This is the instruction to us from the holy books of Vedic Sanaatan Dharma (Hinduism); also mentioned in Chanakya Neeti.

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