For how long we have to live on this earth that we do not know at all. No scientist till the date has been able to know this secret of God. When our life will be cut short, only He knows. Many people falsely think that they will survive on this earth for a long time and that the present time is for them to have physical and material pleasure. Serving others and remembering God can be done in their old age according to them. This false idea will lead them to ignorance or darkness which is the only reason for them to the way to hell. Lord Krishna in the Shrimadbhagawad Geeta, one of the most sacred Holy Books of the Vedic people(Hindus) says that if they remember Him or God at the time of death, they will no doubt attain God’s position or salvation. But it is not so easy to remember Him because for their whole life they have not practised to perform their duty for the sake of others without attachment to any people and material and not remembered or loved God. One should dedicate all good actions to God only then human beings’life will be meaningful.

The End

Published by shibaaa25

I am a person who believes in "honesty always pays."

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