यो ध्रुवाणि परित्यज्य अध्रुवं परिसेवते। ध्रुवाणि तस्य नश्यन्ति अध्रुवं नष्टमेव हि।। – Chanakya Niti

People want to make a progress in their life but they may not have a look at those things that are at their disposal. They forget their present time and the things available at present, rather they have a day dream which is uncertain and unavailable at this moment. Such people cannot live a good life because presently available resources get missed and unavailable is definitely destroyed because that is still unrealised. Therefore it is far more better to look around you rather than going far away.

The End

Published by shibaaa25

I am a person who believes in "honesty always pays."

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