People want to live luxuriously in their life. They strive for fulfilling all their desires. They want to be near the situation and people according to their liking. When they come in contact with favourable situation and people, they feel happy otherwise they are depressed.

What will happen if they become happy with the worldly favourable situation? What is the harm? Then what if they are in distress and depression?

The truth is that no worldly pleasures last long. No doubt, they are short lived. One becomes habituated with that material but when it gets destroyed or goes missing, one feels sorrow double than the previous pleasure than they got through those materials, situation and people. So being attached with whatever worldly things is not advisable to us.

The five sense organs eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin want to combine with the outside world. In this process, one feels either sorrow or joy. As the eyes see beautiful things, a person becomes happy if not then he/she is just the opposite. So is the case with other remaining sense organs.

Happiness and sorrow produced by the combination of senses and outside world are always transient ; they come and go. Coldness, hotness, favourable-unfavorable situation, fortune and tragedy do appear and disappear. They do not actually have their existence. They were neither earlier nor will they stay later. Only for a short period, they appear to be existed but it is all false like we have dream during our sleep ; on waking up we face the reality very different from the one which we saw in the dream.

Whatever luxury people are having will be evaporated after some time;it will leave their company mercilessly. On the other hand even a big looking tragedy will not remain forever, it will also pass off. Therefore, we should never be disheartened when there are tough times. They make us brave and provide us with absolutely true lesson of life. Many people have turned their adversity into opportunity in this world. Instead of crying for spilt milk, we should tolerate the odds and be unattached with the world performing our selfless duties. True happiness always lies beyond worldly joys and sorrows.


Published by shibaaa25

I am a person who believes in "honesty always pays."

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