Human beings by nature are the seekers of pleasure and happiness. Not only human beings, animals also want the same. Every endeavour of the mankind is dedicated to achieve enjoyment and happiness but a very few of them get a true happiness. Most of them are in illusion or ignorance. People think that they can be happy if they are loved by their dear ones. Some other people think that happiness can be purchased with lots of money. They have lots of never ending desires to be fulfilled but they fail to forget that wishes or desires can never be met but our needs are definitely fulfilled. This is the law of the Almighty or nature. We are unhappy only due to our wishes and desires. Nobody in this world can be happy without destroying their desires. If we want to acquire a true happiness, we should be without any desire. It is the primary cause of our sorrows. If you complete one wish, many other wishes are in queue, this process will keep on going until you stop thinking about your wishes. No wishes no sorrow; more wishes more restlessness and worry – this is the reality of our life. Our aim should be towards making our mind free of the rubbish of never ending desires and meditating on God in our loneliness and silence for eternal peace and bliss.


Published by shibaaa25

I am a person who believes in "honesty always pays."

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