We often hear people say “let bygones be bygone”. People often tend to ignore their past and present and just worry about future. As a result, their life becomes miserable and they are filled with dissatisfaction. Our life is connected to the past, present and future. We cannot just ignore any one of the above. Our life can be a burden to ourselves if we do otherwise. Everybody in this world wants to be a successful person and happy but they fail to understand the relationship among the past, present and future.

If we observe deeply, there is no existence of the past and future but this does not at all mean that there was no past and will not be any future. The present time in every second is becoming past and what we call future cannot be realised because that future becomes present.

Can we think about the answer to this question – which is the most powerful time i.e. past, present or future?

It may not be so easy to present one definte answer to this question.

We are the result of our past. In whatever condition we are i.e. good or bad, we are as individuals responsible for that not others like our near and dear ones and other people in our society.

We get what we did in the past. We cannot get more or less from what we did in the past. There is no discrimination in this regard. If we want to get a good result at present, we must do our actions honestly and wholeheartedly with hardwork and patience in the past. But we must practise them until we are successful.

When we make mistakes in the past, we must compensate for them at present. We have to suffer physically and mentally. We are at present in distress because we had certainly made mistakes in our past. There is a great positive point in our mistakes. Our mistakes can teach a great lesson to us. It can really become our guru in this regard. Some people learn greatly by their mistakes and they never repeat the same. But many people never learn a lesson through their mistakes. They tend to repeat them again and again and they keep on being unhappy.

Out of three divisions of time, probably, the present time looks very powerful out of the three mentioned before because the past once gone will never come and the future – we haven’t seen or even we cannot imagine about it what is in store for us.

The present time is a great tool for us to correct our past misdeeds and improve ourselves and do good things which are essential for our meaningful survival.

We must focus on present time because what we do at present, we will get the result of the action done at present in the days to come. If we respect the present time, we will certainly get our future illuminating.

Worrying about future is our foolishness because our present time will itself turn into our future. If we take care of the present time, the future time will automatically be taken care of. It is advisable to understand their mutual relationship.

The End

Published by shibaaa25

I am a person who believes in "honesty always pays."

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