Everybody in this world wants to be successful and happy. For his/her whole life, they strive for earning money and try to fulfill their wishes. But when they fulfill one wish, many other wishes begin to get generated. They then become restless to fulfill those wishes and this will keep on going till they breathe their last. For this phenomenon only, are we born as human beings who are supreme compared to other animals?

It is true that we have to survive. In such a binding condition, we have to do some work or the other. If we do any work for our personal gain, we can never get peace of mind and a true or long lasting happiness. On the other hand, work done or duty performed for others’ good will certainly yield us a great satisfaction and peace of mind. But we should be able to surrender our performed duties to the Almighty, then only we will be living a good life.

The End

Published by shibaaa25

I am a person who believes in "honesty always pays."

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